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Determination of Nucleic Acids in Chlorella vulgaris by HPLC Analysis
Using high performance liquid chromatography, three Korean researchers in the Duksung Women’s University, developed a method for the simultaneous separation of nucleic acids (nucleosides and nucleotides) of hot water extract of Chlorella vulgaris. ........Read more


A Paradigm of Medical Humanitarianism: The Case of Médecins sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders) in Africa

This paper uses the origin of doctors without borders, its field operations in Africa, criticisms and shortcomings of this organization, problems of dependency, and principles of medical humanitarianism to illustrate the impact and importance of non-governmental organizations........Read more

Wildlife Conservation and Management: Hindrances and Sustainable Measures among Local Users in Igbo-Eze North Agricultural Zone, Enugu State, Nigeria
The study examined conservation and management challenges facing wildlife among users in Igbo-Eze North Agricultural Zone of Enugu state, Nigeria........Read more
























































































































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