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Determination of Nucleic Acids in Chlorella vulgaris by HPLC Analysis
Using high performance liquid chromatography, three Korean researchers in the Duksung Womenís University, developed a method for the simultaneous separation of nucleic acids (nucleosides and nucleotides) of hot water extract of Chlorella vulgaris. ........Read more


Seeing Taiwanese Nationalism from a Pan-African Perspective: Kwame Nkrumahís Philosophies and Frantz Fanonís Theories Applied to the Taiwan Independence Movement

This paper employs the methodology of applying Frantz Fanonís analysis on the psychological impacts of colonialism and Kwame Nkrumahís appeals for a united Africa to examine the tenets of Taiwanese Nationalism........Read more

Liberalism and Institutional Change in Spain (1808-1814)
This paper chronicles the attempted institutional change which took place in Spain in the period 1808-1814, exploiting the collapse of the absolute monarchy brought about by the conflict with the French Napoleonic army........Read more























































































































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