Benefits of using academic journals

Using primary sources is often a requirement in several schools, meaning that people can’t just require on a history blog or on Wikipedia to gather the information they need to write and research an article. They need scholarly sources, sources that have firsthand accounts of the event or person that they are studying.

Finding these sources doesn’t have to be difficult, with academic journals and sources littering the internet, and although they are harder for most people to find, they can also provide some major benefits to a research paper.


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They are credible and clear

Often, these papers were written and uploaded by historians or qualified people in their field, and they have to include hyperlinks and citations to cite their sources and backup their claims. These sources can often provide other means of information and one paper can lead readers down a rabbit hole of useful information.

In addition, scholars for academic papers also provide a defense of their viewpoint, outlining why another view is wrong and why theirs is correct, using facts and understanding the opinions of the opposing viewpoint, as well as evidence. One paper can contain a few of these debates, and can greatly increase understanding of the topic.

Finally, every paper offers some form of evidence to support their claims through references and case studies or examples. It’s one thing to read about the impact of a certain technology on a way of life, but looking at a deeper example of how the tech has supported a family is different.



Focused on one thing

Typing a search term into Google or another search engine can bring up useful information, but only if it can be found under the pile of other papers and secondary sources that might only mention the term once. Databases of research papers restrict the selections to primary sources, and further refinement can allow for even more focused results.

They also present their information in a wide variety of ways, including using graphs, images, tables, and photos to appeal to every reader and help them understand the content. Some of the topics that are being searched could include Shakespearean English or other hard to understand content, so using visual elements can often help make things easier.

New perspectives

Some authors of research papers could even reference opposing viewpoints and give criticism or explain why their viewpoint is better. Then readers can study the opposing viewpoint and then understand why the original topic was rebuked by the other side.

Always having some way to understand an opposing viewpoint is a great portion of research to have in a paper, as it shows any teachers or graders that the writer has gone the extra mile and tried to not only discuss their topic but the topics of others as well.

Primary sources might be hard to find and understand at first, depending on when they were written, but once enough good quality ones are found they can add major clarity to any written report.


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