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Evaluation of Hepatoprotective and in vivo Antioxidant Activity of the methanolic stem extract of Costus afer (Bush Cane) in alcohol induced liver Cirrhosis in rats
Three Nigerian researchers carried out a study to investigate the hepatoprotective and in vivo antioxidant activity of orally administered Costus afer methanolic stem extract. ........Read more


Restorative Justice in Post-Conflict Northern Uganda: Exploring Reconciliation and Reconstruction through Transitional Justice Mechanisms

This article explores the application of restorative justice principles to the case of Northern Uganda and the Lordís Resistance Army and it also analyzes the important connections between public policy, poverty alleviation, and questions of post-conflict reconciliation and justice........Read more

Study some technical methods to organic rice production at Hanoi, Vietnam
 A research was carried in Vietnam to study the effects of burying rice straw incorporated with microbial products using a randomized complete block design
........Read more

























































































































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