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Online Research Journals (ORJ) is an outstanding, international, multidisciplinary, peer reviewed, open access research journal that provides one of the widest dissemination of technical, scientific, humanities and medical journals to the global scientific community. Our overriding parameters for accepting articles are hinged on how well the article is written and most importantly, the scientific dept and severity of the article. One of the aims of ORJ is for researchers in all fields to have centralized information that will bring about growth and development. It is our vision to expand the frontier of scientific research and  publication.


Some of our recent publications


To Lock and to Unlock: Understanding the Lived Experience of Public High School Teachers with Students having Reading Difficulty
  This study provide clear perspective of the lived experience of English teachers faced with the challenge of coping with students having reading difficulty.
............Read more


Imago Dei in Christian Theology: The Various Approaches

This paper addresses the interpretation of the imago Dei (image of God) in Christian theology by first looking at the three.......Read more


The Degree of Involvement in Leisure Activities by Maritime Students and Itsí Effect on their Academic Performance

 This research aimed to determine the degree of involvement in leisure activities by maritime studentsí and its significant effect on the academic performance of the students. .........Read more




















































































































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